ELAN Network Video Recorder (NVR) 2TB


ELAN 5MP Network Video Recorder (NVR) preinstalled with 2TB of storage

The EL-NVR-2TB is a 1U rack mountable NVR enabled with ELAN Discovery and
specifically designed to complement any ELAN home automation project
including surveillance. Native record and playback, either timeline-based
or event-based, from the NVR using any ELAN UI provides an experience
second to none. The HDMI output also allows for on-screen display (OSD)
with simultaneous playback of multiple cameras. Expandable storage up to
16TB and 480fps of video input, 16 channels at 30fps or 8 channels at 60fps
make ELAN NVRs a fit for any size project.

Best Practices Note:

It is important to remember when installing additional Hard Disk Drives (HDD) to the NVR, the only supported HDD model is the WD Purple Series. We strongly recommend that all connected HDDs should be of the same capacity. For example, if you have one 4TB HDD connected and wish to add another HDD, you should only add a 4TB WD Purple Series HDD. Using any other brand or model HDD or mixing and matching HDD capacities could negatively affect the performance of the ELAN NVR. Following these recommendations will guarantee the best performance for both you and your customer.

ELAN Discovery

Find, provision and install the ELAN Surveillance with just a few clicks.

All ELAN Surveillance products are embedded with the ELAN beacon, making
them the fastest and easiest surveillance products to install in an ELAN
system. Just connect the NVR and cameras to the network and ELAN Discovery
takes it from there. Its Auto-Discover and Auto-Configure feature scans
your network, including wireless connections, allowing you to provision and
install devices with just a click. We’ve eliminated the need to
individually log into each device for setup, saving you substantial time.

Full Control within the ELAN UI

Peace of mind from a new level of control


ELAN Surveillance delivers a seamless control system integration that rises
above the competition. With full control of both the NVR and cameras from
within the ELAN user interface, your customer no longer needs to switch
between the ELAN control app and their surveillance app. No other
surveillance systems can match this level of control integration.

NVR Highlights

  • 1U Rack Mountable NVR matching ELAN Industrial Design.
  • Sleek design to match the rest of your ELAN gear with a small 1U
  • Pre-installed Western Digital® Purple™ hard drives.
  • Available configurations of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 8TB – with 3 open
    internal HDD bays for expanded storage.
  • Simultaneous HDMI and VGA output.
  • Ethernet Failure Redundancy.
  • Dual LAN ports on the NVRs provide double the security if one of your
    ISPs go down.
  • Expandable external hard drive space.
  • eSATA port allows up to 16TBs of additional external storage.
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  • 16 Channel H.264 network camera Input
  • Up to 5 MP H.264 network camera support
  • Up to 1080p 60 FPS network camera support
  • Ethernet failure redundancy or sharing supported
  • Up to 16TB internal storage supported
  • Up to 16TB external e-SATA storage supported
  • HDMI / VGA 1080P output
  • HDMI / VGA main or spot monitor switch
  • Network maximum input through up to 96Mbps
  • 19” 1U Rackmount



Dimensions: 17.2″ x 17.7″ x 1.7″ (1U)


Other Specifications

Channels: 16

Max Frame Rate (Total): 480fps

Max Frame Rate (Single Channel): 60fps at 1080P

Output: HDMI/VGA

Split Screen View: 1/4/8/9/13/16 Channels

Digital Zoom: Up to 64x on live and playback

Resolution: 5MP

Operating Temperature: 32°F – 104°F (0°C – 40°C)

Power Supply: DC12V ±10%

Power Consumption: DC12V 5.8W


Shipping Info

Length: 20.5 (Inches)

Width: 6.2 (Inches)

Height: 20.5 (Inches)

Weight: 15.75 (Lbs)

Unit of Measure: Each

UPC: 844039014122

Master Pack Qty: 2