ELAN Onboard/Extender Network Video Recorder

EL-SW-NVR License for EL-SC-100 and EL-SC-300 controllers enables a software-based 4-Channel Onboard or 8-channel Extender Network Video Recorder


The software-based Nice/ELAN® Onboard/Extender Network Video Recorder can support 4 channels on a Primary controller, and up to 8 channels per Extender Controller, with a system maximum of 36 channels. This full-featured system delivers an award-winning experience, convenience, and power at an affordable price. Install the Nice/ELAN NVR license(s) on your Primary Nice/ELAN SC-100 or SC-300 system controller via Management Cloud, add external USB storage, extender controllers (as needed), and the cameras, and you are ready to roll. The Nice/ELAN EL-SW-NVR works best with our Nice/ELAN cameras, enabling an advanced suite of analytics options, but will operate with any ONVIF-compliant camera.

Other Specifications

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