Indoor Flush Mount Remote Temperature Sensor

ELAN temperature sensors help manage hot and cold spots in the home, delivering comfort in the rooms that matter. The temperature reading from up to four (4) sensors may be used to monitor remote temperature and average or override the temperature taken at the EL-TSTAT-8820. Using ELAN temperature sensors, and information about user’s local climate and household, the ELAN system auto-adjusts temperature to the user’s preferences when they are home. ELAN will adjust the temperature and humidity even If the user forgets when they leave, helping conserve energy. Up to four EL-TSTAT 8820’s can be used, one-per-zone, to control multi-zone HVAC systems for ultimate comfort.  As with single-zone systems, each EL-TSTAT-8820 can average the temperature of up to four remote ELAN sensors.
ELAN temperature sensors are an interior designer’s best friend; remote support modules allow you to hide the thermostat in a closet or in the rack while still providing evenly distributed temperature control throughout the home.