ELAN Surveillance 8 Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) 1TB


The Nice/ELAN 8-Channel Network Video Recorder, delivers essential convenience and power. It ships with a 1TB drive and easily expands up to 8TB. It’s small form-factor is designed to easily fit within a structured wiring box or on a rack shelf. Paired with Nice/ELAN cameras, this is a comprehensive surveillance solution that excels in every application.

Full Control Within the Nice/ELAN UI
ELAN Surveillance delivers a seamless control system integration that rises above the competition. With full control of both the NVR and cameras from within the Nice/ELAN user interface, your customer no longer needs to switch between the Nice/ELAN control app and their surveillance app. No other surveillance systems can match this level of control integration.

Timeline and Event Based Recording and Playback
ELAN Surveillance places security camera recording and playback directly into the Nice/ELAN interface. Just select a camera in the Nice/ELAN UI and tap on the NVR button to see its recorded video.  Event tick marks enable quick navigation in the timeline view, and also in the new event view, which makes it simple to jump between motion events in an easy-to-read list. With Advanced Video Analytics, you can easily filter by Survey Area, People, or Vehicles when using capable Nice/ELAN camera models.

Like all Nice/ELAN Surveillance products, the EL-NVR-8CH is enabled with the Nice/ELAN Beacon for fast set-up. In the Nice/ELAN Configurator, the system scans your network, and automatically discovers the NVR. With a few clicks, surveillance cameras are configured and installed in the Nice/ELAN system. We’ve eliminated the need to use a secondary application to setup the device outside of Nice/ELAN – saving you substantial time on every surveillance installation.

Step up to Nice/ELAN Surveillance and the power of the EL-NVR-8CH.


  • One Click setup with Nice/ELAN Discovery
  • (Auto Discover/Auto Configure)
  • Record and playback on Nice/ELAN UI (Exclusive)
  • Mounts in structured Wiring Can or rack shelf
  • Up to 8TB internal storage supported
  • Supports Nice/ELAN IntelliVision Analytics
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world with Nice/ELAN app
  • 8 Channel H.264 network camera Input
  • Up to 4K H.264 network camera support
  • Up to 1080p 60 FPS network camera support
  • Up to 8TB external e-SATA storage supported
  • HDMI / VGA main or spot monitor switch
  • Network maximum input through up to 48Mbps


Max. Network Throughput:48Mbps
Max Frames: 240FPS
Resolution: CIF ~ 4K
Frame Rate: Single channel up to 1080P 60 FPS
Mode: Manual, Schedule (continuos, event, none)
Schedule: Each channel 7 day × 24 hours time table, recording mode configurable
Event: Motion grid (20×12, multi-level sensitivities) / network camera event / DI
Alarm Notification:Alarm notification iOS/android /E-Mail / FTP / buzzer / DO
Speed:Fast rewind 2×~64× / Fast forward 2×~64× / Step Forward / Slow motion 1/2 ~ 1/16

Other Specifications