Fusing Food & Fun: Thai Bamboo Restaurants


Fusing Food & Fun: Thai Bamboo Restaurants

For more than two decades, Thai Bamboo has served its community a fusion of Thai food and a fun atmosphere. The owners, who have direct Thai lineage, opened multiple locations in Spokane, Washington and parts of Northern Idaho and are now known for dishing up award-winning, authentic Thai cuisine and themed décor to enrich the ambience.  But at some point, Thai Bamboo’s owners recognized they may need something more – amazing AV.  Certified Security and Integration took on a full plate by not only installing AV systems, security, cameras, door access control, a fire system and phone system. Thai Bamboo has four locations, and Certified Security and Integration has done AV for two of them.

“It’s not very often you get to go so advanced in a commercial space like a restaurant,” said Jeff Hanley, the company’s president. “Restaurants are usually a rather basic system. But Thai Bamboo was a dream restaurant job.”  



It’s easy to train the clients because ELAN Control Products has a great, simple design. You don’t have to build everything from the ground up to make it work.”

— Jeff Hanley| Certified Security and Integration