One-touch control with the same user interface from any connected device

The elegant Nice/ELAN remote, touch panel and keypad offer one-touch access to your most common home automation controls. With the same user interface on all your connected devices, you can manage your smart home control system from anywhere. Our smart home touch panels have a personalized fly-out menu for all your automation needs, as well as face recognition and voice control. Smart home automation is made simple with Nice/ELAN.

Smart Home Touch Panels

Each of our touch panels are designed with a smart home user interface. We integrate face recognition and voice technology for full personalization and ease of use to elevate your smart home.

Smart Home Remotes

Hand held remote controls provide a complete home automation environment.


With Nice/ELAN’s smart home technology, you have control over your lighting, security, entertainment, and more. Home remote control options and our other accessories will give you a complete home automation set up.

Personalized Experience

Whole Home Control

With Nice/ELAN, you control every aspect of your smart home. From our easy-to-use touch panels & remotes, to our state-of-the-art technology, Nice/ELAN makes your world simple.